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Keratins are not Complex!

This summer, are you considering calling us up for a keratin treatment, but you’re unsure why you should or if it’s a good option?

Let’s iron out some details about keratin treatments before we iron it into your hair!

First, I’ll tell you what we carry and why we use it. At J. Bauman Salon, we have a variety of treatments by Keratin Complex, one of the only brands on the market that doesn’t have formaldehyde in its formula. These treatments are long-lasting, customizable, and have great benefits like; smooth, shiny, strong, and frizz-free hair that’s easy to maintain.

What is keratin in general? It’s a protein that is naturally found throughout the structure of your hair. When you damage your hair chemically, mechanically, or organically through your environment, the keratin in your hair can break, causing uneven porosity and additional frizz. By getting a keratin treatment, you smooth out the hair's surface and strengthen it by redistributing keratin in the places it’s lacking. And because it’s protecting your hair from the outside-in, it helps control frizz caused by humidity.

We should finish this off by talking about aftercare. Post-treatment, try not to wash your hair or sweat excessively for 3 to 4 days to make sure it’s really locked in, and then make sure you shampoo with something free of sulfates and sodium chloride.

If you have any additional questions feel free to call or book a consultation online! If you are pregnant, please ask your physician before scheduling an appointment.

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