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Meet Your Stylist: John Moore

In an industry that's ever-changing, it can be difficult to keep up at times; but the ability to do so is what defines a great stylist. So, it's no surprise that John Moore, a stylist at J. Bauman Salon since 2011, is still behind the chair after nearly 3 decades in the industry.

"I got into the hair industry at a time in my life when I felt lost and needed a sense of direction;" John recalls, "it was something I'd always thought about wanting to do, so I decided to look into it."

The year was 1986, and Tallahassee's Roffler/Framesi Cosmetology school had it's hands full with a young, ambitious John Moore, ready to take on the world. And that he did, earning his Cosmetology and Barbering licenses, and transforming from the bartender at the Florida State University hangout spot, into a career-minded man. Soon thereafter, John became an educator and platform artist for Framesi, allowing him to travel the country, teaching and presenting at hair shows through the late 80s and into the 90s.

John's first love, though, was always being behind the chair, which is why he eventually settled into salon life, and began to appreciate the personal aspects of his chosen career.

"I like working with people, being in a client-based career allows me to meet new people, and to try something different every day."

When it comes to his craft, John especially likes haircutting and color, but has also been appointed as the perm expert at J. Bauman Salon, and has seen the trend come back around several times in his years of wrapping rollers. Most importantly, though, John always strives to meet his clients' expectations;

"What I like my clients to know about me is that I care about their experience, and that I want to give them what they want, while still maintaining the integrity of their hair."

Of his home-away-from-home of the last 9 years, John says he most appreciates the people he gets to be around;

"The best part working at J. Bauman Salon is the diverse clientele, and diverse salon team, that being in Orlando allows for, as Orlando itself is very diverse. I like working with the younger staff members, because being around young people helps me stay on trend; the people I work with are amazing, they are a very talented group of young people and old alike."

And, for John, finding his passion in doing hair means that he has found his purpose for life;

"My long-term goal is to just keep going as long as I can stand behind the chair, doing what I love."

See John's work on Instagram: @gimmemoorehair


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