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Meet Your Stylist: Katrina Elbo

Sometimes, our chosen path in life is more stumbled upon than planned, but this is irrelevant, so long as there is a determination to move forward. Such is the case with Katrina Elbo, a stylist and valued team member at J. Bauman Salon since 2012.

"I started out working backstage in theater doing costume changes with wigs and make up. I was too scared to audition but I wanted to be involved so I worked a lot behind the scenes." She remembers.

Through Katrina's need to be where the beautiful people were, she became evermore tangled up in the world of hair, though her family wanted her to choose a different path. "After high school, my mom pressured me to go to nova Southeastern University with dreams of her daughter becoming a pharmacist. Obviously, that didn’t work out; and after three years of college, I finished with an associates degree in biology, but ultimately,  I decided that her path wasn’t for me." 

So, it was off to hair school, and Katrina never looked back. 

"I graduated from Paul Mitchell the school of Orlando in 2010. I've become super fond of education and mentoring, so much that I’ve done more advanced education with Vidal Sassoon, Oribe, Redken and graduated again as a Bumble and Bumble Network Educator. Now a days I mentor my personal assistant and help hold classes for the salon."

Aside from her passion for education, Katrina's true passion has always been for the craft itself. She specializes in balayage, and also has an affinity for formal and editorial styles, as well as haircuts on every type of hair imaginable. She also loves the client-stylist connection that she's built with her clients at J. Bauman Salon,

"It’s like doing hair at a slumber party with your BFF!"

Katrina's commitment to her career has expanded beyond herself alone, as she does much for the salon as a whole, mainly in the realm of education. When asked why she dedicates so much time to the salon, Katrina was anything but succinct.

"We aren’t the bougiest salon, but what we stand for in our community means more. All of our artists are unique because we come from a diverse clan with different nationalities, different time spent in the industry, but somehow we all get along, and have the wildest time at our Christmas parties. I love when people come into our salon and feel like they aren’t intimidated, that they aren’t scared to walk into a salon because they have less than 1,000 followers. I’d like to think our group is very welcoming and we have amazing comradery. Our team is stupendous and I’m so happy to be apart of it!"

See Katrina's work on her Instagram: @shearkatrina

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