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Updated: Aug 30, 2020


  Seeing as how I’m your new hairdresser behind the keyboard, I thought it was only right to formally introduce myself this week. Shall I start from the beginning?  

   We inherit plenty of great traits from our family. For some of us, it’s clear skin and pretty eyes. For others, it’s a dry sense of humor and athleticism. 

For me, a fresh-faced Junior stylist at J. Bauman, my interest and passion for the beauty industry boils down to genetics as well. 

   Between my father, who has been a cosmetologist going on 44 years, and my older sister, who went on to work in the fashion industry for almost 10 years, my innocent childhood games of makeover and dress up were highly encouraged and taken VERY seriously. I even recall wielding a curling iron and learning to braid as young as 7 or 8 years old! Not much has changed since then. I still enjoy creating colorful festival braids and simply couldn’t go on living without my curling irons and collection of whimsical headbands. 

   I was just your average high school kid! I played viola in the orchestra and made a splash on the water polo team. Even though I was a pretty good student and probably could’ve gone on to use my experience in childcare to become a teacher, I just knew that something eccentric was calling my name. Thus, while other kids in my age group were touring colleges, I toured Paul Mitchell The School Orlando.

   Not long after graduating from Paul Mitchell, I apprenticed at Alchemy Salon for a year and a half before finding my official hair home at J. Bauman. Now it’s been almost two years and I can say without a doubt that I love my job; behind my chair and behind my keyboard. 

As a young artist, I’ve been able to grow in an atmosphere where my mentors have made me feel confident enough to express myself, ask questions, and wholeheartedly pursue my ideas. I’ve learned to carry this attitude into my relationships with my clients as I only have one permanent rule in my chair, no self-deprecation allowed!


 - Naomi Kogan 

Check out my work on Instagram: @naomithehairfairy

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