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Meet Your Stylist: Tanya Conner

The hair industry has seen its fair share of trends and changes in the last couple of decades, but those who have chosen to embrace the new, rather than cling to the old, are the ones who are able to find success in this increasingly competitive age of being a hairstylist. One such character is Tanya Conner, a stylist at J. Bauman Salon since 2009.

In her decade working at J. Bauman, Tanya has filled many roles, including that of stylist, educator and mentor (having trained five of the salon's successful stylists, and counting), and more recently, she has taken on the role of Salon Coordinator. But, Tanya wasn't always so dedicated to her career, 

"I partied my butt off in the 90s," she recalls, "when I was 18, I was a model for a hairshow, and it made me realize that you can get paid for having fun; so when college wound up being boring (I wanted to be a lawyer), I decided to go to hair school."

Through her time in school, Tanya assisted at a salon called Snobz in Orlando, granting her the experience she needed to become a stylist soon after graduating in 1999. Before long, Tanya got a phone call from the owner of Alchemy, where she would go on to work for the next two and a half years, before packing her life up for a fresh start in California. She proceeded to work as a hairstylist in Hollywood and Beverly Hills for the next six years, where she would find opportunities such as working on high-profile fashion shows, and with celebrities. However, Tanya eventually moved back to Orlando, and began her career at J. Bauman Salon.

Ask anyone in the salon, and they'll tell you that Tanya has a very specific clientele.

"I specialize in color, blondes especially! Also, hair extensions would have to be one of my favorite things to do, I love the instant gratification." 

But recently, Tanya's gaze has been set toward the future more than anything. 

"I want to be a partner in the salon, and eventually help open another location; keep helping to build an empire." She says of her goals,  "In short, I want to move away from being behind the chair, and focus more on building others to be successful; which is why I am limited with my new client intake. Only a special few make it through, since I can be more selective of who I take on."

So, what should those special few know before sitting in Tanya's chair?

"I am a perfectionist, I am dedicated to my job, and I'm honest .....really honest." She says, smiling.

Though many things have changed for Tanya in the last 10 years, one thing that has remained is her loyalty to J. Bauman, the salon, and the person. 

"Honestly, the main reason I am still here today, tomorrow, and forever, is because Jes [Bauman] is the best boss and salon owner anyone could work for," She states, ".... of course, that is, until it’s my turn to be a boss and salon owner!" 

And that is the essence of Tanya's career; loyalty, and lifting up those who have helped lift her over the years, as she rises, inevitably, to the top.

See Tanya's work on instagram: @tanyamerie_


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