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Plump it up!

Do you recall when I wrote a piece on hair masks two blogs ago? I might be a bit of a psychic because Bumble and Bumble just launched another mask! So please welcome the Thickening Plumping Mask! Let’s get to know her better, shall we?

Now, the entire purpose of this delightful product is to soften and bump up the volume and fullness. It does this with some unique ingredients to enhance your whole hair experience. For starters, the entire Thickening line has been infused with Emblica Officinalis, also known as alma or Indian gooseberry. Bumble’s intention with this ingredient is to make each strand of hair feel nice n fat. Upon researching this unique berry, I have also discovered that it is extremely rich in vitamin C resulting in the regeneration of new hair from the follicle, the reduction of hair fall out, and the balance of sebum production on the scalp.

The other unique ingredient in this magic potion is hydrolyzed rice protein or rice water! The first thought that came to my mind is a warning for you consumers. The keyword in rice protein is PROTEIN. Using too much is not suitable for your hair; it is indeed possible to have a protein overload and cause irreparable damage. That being said, please limit the use of this product to once, maybe twice a week. Now that is out of the way, let’s talk about how great rice is! The tradition of using rice water in your beauty routine originates from the Yao women in Guangxi, China, who are known for their long and robust ponytails. The side effects of using a product with this ingredient are shine, elasticity, volume, and compliments.

To use the Thickening Plumping mask, open your cuticles up by shampooing first, then squeeze the water out to apply the mask to damp hair from roots to ends. Leave it on for 5 minutes. Typically, I’ll clip my hair up and shave or wash my face while waiting. Lastly, rinse and condition.

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