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Popular Extensions You Must Try By Our Hair Extension Salon in Orlando

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Hair extensions are a popular way to add length, volume, and thickness to your natural hair to look fabulous and gorgeous with beautiful hair. If you have never gone for hair extensions, you might think that all hair extensions are similar, but they are not. A hair extension salon offers multiple hair extensions in Orlando to help you get flawless and lustrous locks of hair.

Long and beautiful locks of hair are always in trend. But, if you do not have long hair, don't worry. You can still look flawless with beautiful and stylish hair extensions. You can style your natural hair with tape-in and hand-tied hair extensions. If you are clueless about which extension will best enhance the beauty of your natural hair? Let's go through the benefits of each of them.

Get A Stunning Look with Hand Tied Hair Extension

Hand-tied hair extensions are the most popular hair extension offered by the hair extension salons in Orlando. These extensions are handmade wefts of hair sewn onto the natural hair with beads and nylon string. The hand-tied extension has become popular among women as they accentuate the look of their natural hair while also giving it a shiny look. They provide a natural appearance and volume to your hairline.

Hand-tied wefts are very thin and almost invisible. Due to this, they blend smoothly with your natural hairline. Moreover, they last longer than other hair extensions. You can slay with this hair extension with proper aftercare for many weeks. These hair extensions are everything you need to look stunning and flawless with any outfit all day.

Accentuate Your Natural Locks with Tape-In Extensions

According to many hair salons that do extensions, tape-in extensions were trendy in the past. But, to be very honest, Tape-in is still ruling in 2022. It is becoming trendy, especially for those women who do not have ample time for traditional extension. These extensions are perfect for adding luxurious volume and length to your hair for a short period. They are painless, non-damaging, and highly versatile, and you can even slay a high ponytail look without even extensions showing.

Tape-in extensions look fantastic when installed properly. Their flawless and seamless design gives your natural hairline a flat finish with no lumps or bumps, blending perfectly with your natural locks. Therefore, resulting in wonderfully smooth, natural-looking hair strands for you. When fitted correctly, you will not even feel like you are wearing something underneath your natural locks, and guess what, you get a complete makeover for your hair. You do not need to wait for your hair to grow, as you can create the perfect hairstyle with beautiful tape-in extensions.

Do You Want to Try These Beautiful Hair Extensions?

You do not need to wait longer to get a celebrity-type hairstyle. Simply choose a hair extension to accentuate your natural locks and slay all day. Transform your short and thin hair with beautiful hand-tied and tape-in hair extensions. If you need your hair extension today and are searching for a hair salon in Orlando open today, reach out to J. Bauman Salon, where you get endless options to enhance the beauty of your natural hair. Ready to transform your hair? Connect with us today.

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