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Fire Signs-

Hey there, you boss Aries’ ladies! Rams are competitive, driven, and independent! You are a woman on a mission and that means that you don’t have time for fussing with those flyaways. Your product is Spray de Mode. It’s our holy grail medium-hold hair spray! It will hold every hair in place but make no mistake, you won’t feel a thing! We don’t do crunchy hair spray in this salon.

This one is for my always lovely Leo lady. You are warm, passionate, and dynamic! You are a goddess of the sun which means that your product is Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer! It’ll give your locks light moisture, as well as heat protection from your blowdryer AND UV rays. I couldn’t name a product that’s more you if I tried.

You didn’t think we forgot about you, did you, Sagittarius? You’re optimistic, funny, and honest. And sometimes the honest truth is at the end of a long week, you’ve got some build-up from all the product and dry shampoo on your scalp. But not to worry! Your product is Scalp Detox. It’s this extra cold fizzy foam that you spray directly on your problem areas. Try to contain your giggles, it tickles and feels like pop rocks on your scalp!

Water Signs-

Hello, my Cancer with the good vibes! You crabbies are caring, loyal, and intuitive. You know exactly what your girls need and you always come through for them. Your product is the Bond Building Treatment! It smells unbelievable, and it repairs your hair from the inside out! You can always count on this treatment to make your hair silky and protect it from future damage.

Look out! Here come my bold Scorpios! Your spirits put the wild in wild and free, and you need a product that reflects that. Scorpios are determined, brave, and imaginative. Obvi the best product for you is going to be the Sumo Liquid Wax + Finishing Spray. Define your texture and stand out with this one-of-a-kind pomade in a bottle!

You guys already know that I had to save perfect Pisces for last! These aquatic ladies are creative, empathetic, and generous. Your product is going to be Pret-a-Powder Post Workout Dry Shampoo, and let me tell you why. This product is not only for after your workout, it’s also great for a sweaty scalp on a hot summer day! You’d totally feel our pain and come to our moist rescue with this creative solution. Shake the bottle real good and spray enough to absorb your oil and odor!

Stay tuned for Part 2, Earth and Water!

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