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Sunday Purifying Clay Wash!

Let’s be honest; we all have irregular shampoo schedules, which can result in product build-up or excessive pollutants in our hair. To fix this at home or at the salon (J. Bauman Salon that is *wink*), one needs a shampoo that packs more punch to clarify your scalp. But having a stronger shampoo shouldn’t mean weaker, dryer hair! Look at the new Sunday Purifying Clay Wash from Bumble and Bumble and why it’s now the superior option for your weekly detox!

What are the main ingredients of our Sunday sauce? Kaolin and Bentonite clay are the top two main components. Kaolin is a typical soft white clay suitable for sensitive skin, and it absorbs residue while healing a dry scalp. Bentonite is more of a gray-colored clay derived from volcanic ash, and it does the heavy lifting with moisture while creating a protective barrier for your scalp.

But a shampoo usually has some kind of sulfate to be effective, right? Bumble and Bumble made their coconut-derived surfactant works as a potent, color-safe alternative so we can all scrub our scalps without washing our fresh color down the drain!

In summary, this sweet-smelling treatment absorbs oil, is color safe, keeps your scalp balanced, is deep cleansing, and has no sulfate cleansers. So what are you waiting for? Call or book online to pick up our new product or request it at the shampoo bowl!

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