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Florida and swimming pools have always been a package deal since the dawn of time. They go together like curling irons and hair spray. However, when it comes to chlorine and our beloved locks… That’s what I’d call a toxic relationship. Whether you’re a blondie trying to avoid (gulp) green strands or just trying to steer clear of that dry crunchy feeling, here’s how to break up chlorinated abuse.


As your personal stylist behind the keyboard and former Water Polo player in my high school days (GO CATS!), this was my routine before and after diving into the deep end almost every day for 4 whole years.

1. Rinse Your Hair First!

Your first order of business is to quickly hop in the nearest shower and saturate your mane with good ole reliable tap water.

Let’s imagine that hair is like a sponge. If your hair is already coated with another kind of water, it’s not going to be able to fully absorb what we don’t want.

2. Product Protection

One of the most important hacks that I could possibly recommend for this article is to GENEROUSLY coat your hair with your fav conditioner. Or my fav conditioner. Another very suitable alternative is Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer, a trustworthy leave-in spray that multi-tasks by also protecting your hair from those pesky UV rays. Then, just put your hair in an ever sophisticated braid or up in a sleek lil ballerina bun to keep it out of the way.

3. You already know, girl.

The last step is pretty straight forward. The least you can do is shower right after you’ve decided to hang up your goggles. Don’t let that evil pool water sit in your hair too long!

!!! S.O.S !!!

This part is for those of you that need help. Like now.

If you fell asleep on your pool floaty or lost track of time playing Marco Polo, not to worry, I’m here to throw you a life raft.

1. Clarifying shampoo

A quick way to help strip the chlorine out of your hair at home is to use a clarifying shampoo like Sunday from Bumble and Bumble or Un-Do-Goo from Malibu. HOWEVER, take note that I used the word “strip” in that last sentence. That’s because that’s what clarifying shampoo does. It’s going to strip out the chlorine, the moisture, and the color out of your hair. So make sure you follow up with a very very moisturizing conditioner like Creme de Coco from Bumble and Bumble, then go ahead and click here to pre-book an appointment with us so we can refresh your color with a quick toner.

2. Chlorine Treatments

So, I take it if you’ve made it to this part, nothing’s working. Don’t stress, my dear (the wrinkles are never worth it) leave it to the professionals to bust out the big guns. Call us or dm your fav stylist and ask about a chlorine removal treatment. We carry the best of the best from Malibu! I’ll give you the same warning as I did with clarifying shampoo, though. You’re going to want to refresh your color afterward. It’s a small price to pay to the Gods for healthy, chlorine-free locks! Besides, why wouldn’t you want to sit and relax with a glass of wine and let us do the heavy lifting for you?


Alright everybody, hopefully, this article has left you well informed enough to kick back and relax this summer with your hair up (not down). Until next time! And don’t be a stranger! Check out our other posts below for more secrets from the professionals!

-Naomi Kogan (@naomithehairfairy)

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