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The Secret To Beautiful Hair This Fall

I have a theory that, just like northerners in the Winter, Floridians can experience seasonal depression in the 5 long months of grueling, hot Summer we endure annually. There seems to be an overarching mentality that there's nothing any of us can do except wait it out; this, and the humidity, might explain why fewer people get their hair done here in the Summer than any other time of year. So, if you're anything like me, the prospect of cooler weather on the horizon brings hope that there may be relief in the near future. This means more motivation to get out there and tie up all the loose (or split) ends that we were all too miserable to bother with this Summer.

"How can I use this newfound motivation to improve my hair game?"

I'm glad you asked.

Here are some things I like to do as Summer begins to wane, to set myself up to have beautiful hair for the rest of the year:

Get a Fresh Cut & Color

Nothing makes you feel the change in the wind quite like feeling said wind blowing through a brand new haircut. Shed the dead ends and I guarantee you'll feel like a whole new person. Fall is also a great time to spice up your hair color, as trends shift away from the "Hot Girl Summer" aesthetic and into something a little more cozy. If you're unsure of what direction to go in with your new look, click HERE for some seasonal hair inspo!

You can book your new look (or a consultation with an expert) HERE.

Re-Evaluate Your Products

It's not like humidity dissipates entirely once Summer is over (it is still Florida, after all), but it is good to note that conditions are changing, and so should the products you use in your hair. Plus, so many new and exciting products have been launched in the last few months, and one of them could wind up being your Holy Grail. Think about what has been working for you, what hasn't, and what you'd like to change; then, bring these thoughts to your stylist so that they can match you with the perfect regimen for the latter part of 2019.

Oh, and don't forget, trying new products can help earn you REWARDS.

Establish a Routine

Speaking of a regimen, consistency is key when it comes to having healthy hair. Washing your hair less often (ideally no more than twice a week) can improve its overall health by preserving natural oils and keeping the scalp and hair moisturized. Cooler weather can aid in washing less, but having a schedule will do wonders. I know, I know, having a schedule for your hair may seem a little high-maintenance, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Choose a day (or days) that you will wash your hair each week, and then plan product usage (dry shampoo is a must!), styles, and hair accessories around making your hair last between washes.

Pre-Book Through the Holidays

On the topic of planning ahead, we're getting into our busier season, and last-minute appointments will be hard to come by come November. That's why, if you truly want to turn over a new leaf this Fall (pun intended), one of the best things you can do for your future self is pre-book all of your hair appointments through the holidays. If you know that you can't stand to look at your roots after 8 weeks, call our reception desk (4078989044) and ask them to book a color appointment with your fave stylist every 8 weeks. It's that easy.

Not sure what your schedule will be like next week, let alone 3 months from now? That's okay, I still encourage my clients to pre-book even if they don't have a consistent schedule. Why? Well, we send out appointment confirmations a few days prior to your scheduled appointment, so even if you can't make the appointment you originally booked, it's a great way to get an automatic reminder that it's time to freshen up your hair. That way, you can re-schedule to a time that will work for you (up to 24 hours before your scheduled appointment), and you won't have to have that come-to-Jesus moment with yourself in the mirror after you let 3 more weeks slip by.

Final Thoughts

Better weather is on its way, and a better you is hopefully coming with it. It may seem silly, but taking control of the little things in your life can lead you to bigger changes and improvements; and I think choosing to treat your hair better is a great step towards choosing to treat yourself better. That being said, order that PSL, girl, you deserve it.

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