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Hello, my Bauman Beauties! It's February, and love is in the hair! I come bearing solutions for those of you scratching your scalps, wondering what to get your male significant other. Allow me to give you the rundown on some essential products that'll up his hair game and make the both of you blush!

Let's start strong with shower time. There's nothing more horrifying to me than snooping in a man's bathroom and seeing *gulp* a singular bar of soap accompanied by nothing else! YIKES!

So, as we already know, most men are usually worried about their hairline. Spoil him with Full Potential Shampoo and Conditioner! One of the main ingredients is creatine, a protein to keep his hair strong, and it has that delicious masculine boyfriend scent.

This line of product is for the low maintenance man. If your guy air-dries his hair, there's still styling products out there for him! The most straight forward, fuss-free cream is Don't Blow It! There are even two different ones for either fine or thick hair, so you have options. He doesn't have to be friends with his blowdryer to look polished for date night!

Alright, all of you. Bust out your notes app because I'm going to give you ladies the low down on pomades. There are many options to pick from, so try to recall how your man's hair looks when he gets all gussied up, and I'll help you figure out which one he'd need. If you really don't know, snoop through his bathroom and see what kind of product he's already using.

Does he wear something that makes his hair look shiny and controlled? He probably grabs gel on the go. Hook him up with Sumogel, he'll stay styled all day, and it's flake-free!

Is his hair shiny and smooth but not quite wet or held down like it would look if he used gel? I'd go for Semisumo. It'll make him look sleek without being too slick.

Now we're going to hop over to the opposite side of the hair spectrum. If your guy has naturally shiny hair, does he use something mattifying that enhances his texture? If that's the case, he'll love Sumoclay! It's my favorite pomade to use on my clients.

Did he fit into any of these categories? No? Does he need something low shine like the Clay, but still defined like the Semi? Sumotech is a pretty universal people-pleasing pomade. It looks good on every guy! All the other pomades I've listed above are for guys with more specific needs, but you really can't go wrong with Sumotech.

Our impromptu men's haircare class is officially over! Did you learn anything about men's styling products? What are you getting your boo for Valentine's day?

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