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The Keratin Controversy: Why A Keratin Treatment Might Be Right For You

Keratin treatments have been around since the early 2000s, when slicked down, flat-ironed-to-death hair was the pinnacle of style. Just like everything else in the beauty industry, the keratin treatment has evolved into almost an entirely new animal over the years, and now comes in multiple, customizable forms, to make it accessible to nearly everyone.

There is plenty of talk surrounding keratin, and the pros and cons of getting the treatment, and many people are hesitant to make the investment. So, who is a keratin treatment right for, and what should you be asking your stylist for?


Firstly, let’s clear up what a keratin treatment actually is: a solution containing the protein, keratin, that hair is naturally composed of. It is applied, processed, blow dried, and flat ironed into the hair to fill in gaps in the cuticle of the hair strand (think filling in potholes in the road to make it smoother to drive on). This prevents moisture from the air from penetrating the hair strand, which eliminates frizz and cuts drying time down significantly.


Our salon carries the brand Keratin Complex, and as was previously stated, there are so many customizable options that there are few people that I would recommend not get a keratin treatment. For anyone with highly processed, or extremely brittle hair, a keratin may be too harsh and cause further breakage. Aside from that, there is a keratin treatment out there for virtually everyone. Looking to simplify your morning routine by spending less time blow drying? Get a keratin. Struggling with keeping your hair frizz-free in the Florida humidity? Get a keratin. Wish your natural curls were just a little more calm? Get a keratin!


Keratin Complex offers several formulas, including the Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment (lasts 3-5 months), the Express Blow Out (lasts 4-6 weeks), the Personalized Blow Out (lasts up to 3 months), and their latest formula KC Max, which is designed to straighten hair over time. Aside from different pricing, which Keratin you should get is something to discuss with your stylist, as each has benefits suited for different hair types and lifestyles. For instance, the Smoothing Treatment requires you not get your hair wet, or put any hats/hair accessories on for 72 hours, while the Express only requires 8 hours of downtime, and the Personalized requires none.


The most important thing to do before deciding if a keratin treatment is right for your hair, and which one to get, is consult with your stylist. This will ensure that your investment is well placed, and that your hair looks its best year-round!

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